FOC Restaurant Review

F.O.C has been getting so much reviews for its long waiting lists and its rave tapas, we thought that we'd visit it!

First off, we had the gazpacho with smoked olive oil ice-cream. I really liked the complexity and blend of these two distinct flavors and felt this dish was very interesting.

One of the must-try dishes are the seafood paella which require about 20 minutes of preparation time. The arroz negro was perfectly cooked, with a chewy al dente texture, although the serving of the seafood itself wasn't exactly generous

This is the octopus with chilli powder, on a bed of mashed potato
The octopus was quite decently prepared, very soft, and the mashed was creamy and thick

Foie gras sliders, while the foie gras is normal, I really have to commend them on the bun! The bun is soft and chewy and pillowy, but the fried layer lends a depth of complexity and crunchiness, and I was really impressed with the execution of the bun

Overall, a good chill place with decent food and prices

They also have a famous in-house mixologist, and you can choose your cocktails through these descriptions
I thought he was a little over-friendly with the ladies

F.O.C Restaurant

40 Hongkong St, 059679
6100 4040


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